Event production is a business with its own particular challenges. For one, adhering to timelines is even more important than anywhere else. Moreover, organizers work under constant pressure - the unexpected can happen at any given time and solutions need to be provided before anyone at the audience notices, allowing the show to go on without any interruption.

crowd cheering at a live music concert

Well versed in the live events industry, our teams they truly enjoy the challenges it brings. They are used to short setup schedules, adhering to strict timelines and always willing to go an extra mile to reduce operational risks for you.

Over the years, Hexaglobe has developed a range of practical solutions dedicated to the live event industry and a network of reliable partners ready to turn any project into reality.

Our solutions for live events industry cover:

  • Ultra-low latency live streaming services for social media platforms, including facebook Live and Youtube, websites, mobile apps
  • Providing connectivity to event venues of any type
  • Providing replays and highlights of your events ready for immediate sharing across social media, websites and mobile apps
  • Streaming live content on screens located around the event venue or in a variety of other possible locations
  • Syndicating live content across partner platforms to create even more buzz around the event
  • Efficient content monetization solutions - ad insertion or pay-per-view services
  • Bringing on-demand functionalities to live streaming with our new generation of video players