Today’s businesses create more video content than ever. Whether these materials serve internal or external communication purposes, assuring that they remain valuable to the company requires the right technology and expertise that we are always ready to lend to corporate clients.


As a specialist in managing all aspects of the video delivery process, Hexaglobe can provide easily scalable solutions allowing fast and secure access to media files for all internal and external stakeholders and for connecting brands with their clients anywhere.

To make that happen, we craft digital communication channels to best serve any purpose - including corporate knowledge sharing and training platforms, compliance recording solutions and digital display systems for interactive live streaming and advertising.

Our services for corporate clients include:

  • NEW: developing fully automated and secure systems for customer onboarding (KYC) and ID verification powered with Artificial Intelligence
  • Broadcasting press conferences and corporate events to multiple platforms: social media, websites and mobile apps
  • Building video streaming platforms for internal communication, corporate training or digital marketing purposes
  • Multiplatform publishing of replay materials and video highlights immediately after the event
  • Creating secure media libraries with advanced search capabilities for all authorized end users
  • Streaming live TV channels and any other type of video content in locations such as corporate offices, reception halls, retail points, public spaces and event venues