Digital media pure players have shaped the new way to deliver content, but the competition from others now more intense than ever as they are all converging online, offering similar platforms and features.

As the competition grows, expectations of modern audiences grow too. Moreover, their preferences and media consumption patterns change together with new trends that emerge and disappear faster than ever. In this new reality, even those who originate from the digital landscape must be ready to adopt the latest technologies in order to remain relevant.


Our answer to these challenges is integrating state-of-the-art technology with already existing workflows, which not only allows to future-proof your own service, but also to leverage your content across all other digital channels, including social media, partner websites and mobile apps.

Our services cover all aspects of video content processing, distribution and lifecycle management, allowing you to:

  • Stream events live on your website and mobile apps, but also on all social media profiles and video platforms simultaneously
  • Manage large media catalogues and provide advanced search capabilities for editing teams and readers
  • Clip highlights from these stories and immediately post them to multiple destination platforms at the same time
  • Monetize your premium content on a subscription or pay-per-view basis
  • Provide replay and VOD materials on your own service and syndicate them across partner websites